Train like a superhero!

From an exercise perspective, our BATOUT superhero experiences are a type of CrossFit training. It takes all aspects of fitness and sports, cherry-picking the best, most effective, and most applicable to everyday life, and combines them together. But most importantly, they should be fun as you get to channel your favorite superhero character and make it your own.

One of the health benefits of CrossFit training includes optimizing your cardiovascular endurance. Some evidence suggests that similar high-intensity training, like high-intensity training (HIIT), also helps improve cardiovascular endurance and lowers your risk of heart disease.

CrossFit can also have positive effects on mental and emotional health. It teaches people that they are capable of more than they think. Gaining mental toughness and pushing yourself to new heights in a CrossFit session can trickle down to other parts of your life and give you the confidence to tackle the unknown.

There’s also a community aspect of our training. Sure, you could do a workout by yourself, but there is just something that happens when you get friends or co-workers in the same location together. You lift each other up. You become a superhero family.