We introduce:
Active Entertainment

BIETNIK makes healthy living sustainable by creating visions and stories in the form of pop-up experiences outside of the usual health environment.

Where others simply instruct, we:


Improving social health

We know that humans are social beings. Yet when considering well-being, we think more about our individual well-being: in terms of how good we feel, how satisfied we are with our lives and how well we’re living and coping in different life areas.

Social interactions, measured in both quality and quantity, can have short- and long-term influences on mental well-being and physical health.

The benefits of socialization:

  • Improves mental health – it can lighten your mood and make you feel happier
  • Lowers your risk of dementia – social interaction is good for your brain health
  • Promotes a sense of safety, belonging and security
  • Allows you to confide in others and them to confide in you


It’s not only our social interactions, but also our relationships with our communities and social structures that constitute key elements of well-being.

Our mission:

It may sound clichéd, but we mean it: to make people happier and healthier. More specifically, we aim to make a difference in the prevention and treatment of behavioral health issues. Doing so makes meaningful contributions on multiple levels: creating business value, improving people’s health and wellness, and building a stronger, more resilient society – not only in Los Angeles, but worldwide.

Nature as inspiration

The basis of our concept is the Honeycomb Experience Principle (HEP). The structure of this principle consists of an ever-expanding number of experience sub-labels. The concise and orderly pattern of the comb is a symbol for utility and strength. Each individual cell has a story to tell through the myriad ways that it can be used. Our honeycomb is utilized as a platform to bring schools, businesses, nonprofits, partners, sponsors, and individuals together in an organic way that benefits everyone.


What’s with the name?

BIETNIK is a play on our founder’s name (Peter Bietenholz), but more significantly, it’s inspired by the Beat Generation (the “Beatniks”), a literary movement that began in the early 1950s. At the heart of this counterculture was a belief in the importance of improving one’s inner self beyond material possessions and the rules imposed by social systems. Likewise, BIETNIK wants to break with the norms, rules and structures that exist in today’s healthcare environment.

“Welcome to Active Entertainment. We make healthy living sustainable.”

Peter Bietenholz, founder of BIETNIK


Peter Bietenholz (Founder)

  • Swiss-born, American-educated
  • Former brand consultant
  • Has helped shape brands including Apple, McDonald’s, Nissan and Sony PlayStation in the role of copywriter and creative director
  • Our Active Entertainers are experienced healthcare professionals, behavioral psychologists, chefs/nutrition specialists, yoga instructors, fitness trainers and more with all the necessary credentials.