LA super kids unite!

Our BATOUT KIDS superhero events aim to engage, encourage and empower your super kid.

Gone are the days when parents solely want their kids to get “good jobs,” but now we want them to have rewarding lives. It’s a shift of epic proportions.

Such a shift begins with empowering kids. Literally helping them gain a sense of inner confidence, courage and strength to successfully surmount whatever life presents. It’s guiding them to persevere when obstacles arise in childhood, as they always do, such as bullies, failed grades, mistakes, disappointments and bruises. Such inner gusto will also goad them to pursue their dreams.

Learning to empower children isn’t complicated. It really takes the same effort that you apply to any goal with enthusiasm, dedication and a willingness to “set aside” your preconceived ideas, projections and personal baggage.

There are two techniques that can help you consciously empower them. They are:

Mirroring – It is the process of serving as the reflection of a child’s abilities, skills and qualities so they begin to “see” themselves as they really are: highly valuable, talented and capable right now.

Encouragement – It is the act of literally “putting in courage” or belief in your child. Such support enables them to “see” themselves as they are: highly competent now.

Source: Psychology Today