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In late 2016, we embarked on MISSION 25. Its objective is to show people how exciting and fulfilling a healthy lifestyle can be. There are seven milestones along this journey. Each milestone introduces a new venture that contributes to the overall mission in some form. MISSION 25 will come full circle in 2025.


BIETNIK Active Entertainment is the first of the seven ventures. It stages pop-up experiences outside of the usual health/fitness environment. The tool: storytelling. Everything in our lives evolves around stories: while our origins and families are the biggest ones, they can be broken down into many subplots that center around relationships, work, friends etc. And perhaps most importantly, most health-related issues are closely related to our personal stories, our families, our environment. Once we understand this story, it’s easier to make better decisions relating to our wellbeing. The subsequent ventures will in publishing, nutrition, housing, fashion, and education.


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